Nov 20 , 2018

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Managing the Impact of PCB Material Properties on Your Board's Manufacture

Managing the Impact of PCB Material Properties on Your Board's Manufacture

Once your board is manufactured, the PCB material properties presented above become fixed parameters that cannot be manipulated or altered. These parameters will determine how your PCB will function as well as your board’s quality and reliability. Therefore, it is necessary to define them during design so they can be incorporated into the PCB manufacturing process. In most cases, it is difficult and unnecessary to explicitly define your material properties. Instead, ensuring that the properties are within acceptable ranges for your design will suffice. This can be achieved by following these procedures:

1. Select the best materials for your board design

Board material requirements are greatly influenced by the functionality and signal types of your board. Therefore, it is important to know the correlation between board type and material properties in order to choose materials that are capable of withstanding your design requirements.

2. Determine your board’s stackup

In addition to selecting the materials that will comprise your PCB’s construction, you also need to determine its vertical layout or PCB stackup. Especially important are the thickness values for the layers which will impact PCB material properties.

3. Understand the board manufacturing process

In order to select a contract manufacturer (CM) that is capable of meeting your quality control, turnaround time or critical system capability, you need to understand the PCB manufacturing steps and how your choices impact them.

A good understanding of how PCB material properties impact the manufacture of your boards will assist you in making the best material selection for your design. At 三德盈 Electronic, we will work with you to so that the fabrication of your PCBs will incorporate materials and properties that support your PCB design and requirements.


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