Nov 29 , 2018

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4 key factors on copper plating

4 key factors on copper plating

Copper plating is an essential process for PCB manufacture and has very important influence on the PCB quality. The copper inside holes connects traces between different layers and the pins of THT components. In the very beginning, the PCBs are mainly single layer boards, which donot have copper side holes. Nowadays, the PCBs is becoming more and more density with higher and higher layers, smaller and smaller vias, with the development of copper plating technology.

三德盈 Electronic attaches great importance on copper plating process, and has built a well-organized system to manage copper plating process.

There are four key factors on copper plating process to ensure good quality of copper inside holes.

4 key factors on copper plating

  1. Board abrasion.

    There are sharp edges around holes after drilling process. So those sharp edges have to be removed by abrasion.

  2. Board cleaning.

    There are dust or impurity substances attached to the holes after drilling process and movement, which have to be cleaned completely. Otherwise, the impurity substances may cause copper being peeled off. 三德盈 has super high pressure water cleaning machine to clean the boards before copper plating. The machine integrates board abrasion function as well, and so the abraded materials are washed away by water immediately.

  3. Desmear.

    Part the resin of CCL is melted due to high temperature during drilling process, and those melted resin are distributed irregularly inside the holes. This makes the surface of holes wall in a rough condition. It has to make the surface of holes smooth and flat, in order to plate even copper with enough and average thickness.

  4. The copper plating facility.

    Automatic copper plating lines are widely used nowadays. 三德盈 has automatic copper plating line, integrating desmear process and with automatic controlled specifications. This not only increases the copper plating efficiency, but also ensures the quality of copper plating.

Please feel free to contact 三德盈 for any further questions or remove your worries on copper plating of your PCB projects.


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